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10:30 a.m. Hogs, Goats & Sheep - Cattle at Noon


Livestock Auction in Karnes City County Texas

Owners & Operators: Josh and Corie Tielke

We offer free History Reports for our customers!

If you are wanting a History Report, please follow these instructions.

Email us the following Information to josh@karnescityauction.com

  1. Name and/or Ranch name you bought or sold under
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Year(s) requesting

Call us if you need any assistance with your cattle working or livestock marketing needs!

We have a crew of 2-5 top hands, depending on the size of your herd, that will help you with annual vaccinations, herd worming, castration, ear tagging or anything else cattle related for that matter. We'll even bring your selling cattle back to town with us for the next Saturday auction.

We also have a great cattle locating service, if your looking for anything in particular that you do not see at our Saturday Sale just call or email.

We take great pride in what we do and how we operate. We can definitely treat your herd like our own with respect.

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Beef cattle auction in Texas Beef cattle auction in Texas

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